I Sit. I Stay. - Your Peace of Mind.

Some of the advantages of dog sitters and
house sitting vs. kennels are:
•  Reduced stress on your dogs, cats or  other pets.
•  No “travel trauma” to your dog and/or cat 
•  No worry of exposure to illnesses and parasites
   from other dogs and cats
•  Dogs and Cats stay on their regular schedules 
•  Dogs are free to play, sleep, eat, or walk whenever they want
•  Being left in a strange place can traumatize some dogs and cats

"I Sit. I Stay." Provides Peace of Mind for Everyone
• No inconveniencing neighbors, friends, or family members.
• No worrying if you remembered to close the garage door,
   turn off the coffee pot or turn off the lights.
• "I Sit. I Stay." is experienced in care, custody and control of the        dogs and cats in my care, I have training, such as pet first aid          and CPR.
•  Home security and household management services are                   included for clients requiring private access to the property.
•  "I Sit. I Stay." will be there to notify you any possible problems         with your home such as water leaks, weather related damages,      or any other situation of this nature that would end up being               costly to you
•  Discretion is used by not advertising you are not home.

The "Cons" of Kennels:
•  Pets feel abandoned or miss their owners and the familiar sights, sounds and smells of their normal environment. 
•  They may be place in a prison like (as opposed a home like) environment.
•  The loud barking of nearby dogs can overwhelm cats.
•  Older pets can have a hard time adapting as they are so used to a home.
•  Some pets get depressed and lose their appetites. Often it takes them time to adjust when they get back home.
•  In some places, your beloved pets are kept in a cage or very small run and they are fed and taken out to relieve themselves but that is about it.
•  If the kennels do offer playtime or walks, they usually charge additional fees for those “extra” services.
•  The exposure to illnesses and parasites of other pets as some kennels accept reptiles and other small pets or birds is likely and facilities may not sanitize the facility multiple times a day as it would minimize their profit margins.
•  Staff may not always be on call 24-7 or be certified to provide care to animals.
•  Pet owners are responsible for picking up and dropping off the pets during kennel hours, providing less flexibility in scheduling or billing of additional charges.

Why does pet care seem so expensive?
Many people are new to the pet care experience, and when they think of a pet care provider or care provider, they may automatically make comparisons to baby care providers, house care providers, the next door neighbor and boarding facilities.  There is an enormous difference between professional pet care providers than to others watching your home and pet(s).  In fact, more than half of the clients I have spoken to have unfortunate stories of previous non-professional pet-sitting experiences as well as over crowded prison-like environments at kennels and other facilities.  If you have multiple pets, pet sitting often is more affordable than kenneling.  

Plus, I offer extra home care and security services that is included automatically such as plant care, mail/newspaper retrieval, general property security, and more that you won’t receive if your pets are simply boarded, your home has just a house care provider or security company caring for your home. 

In addition, 24 hour care at the care provider’s home is often more affordable than any other option as the pet care provider will not have to accommodate expenses for travel, time or commute in relation to caring for you pets.

Professional pet and home sitting is not an economy care option and I realize it may not be in everyone’s budget. However, it is a BARGAIN considering the peace of mind, convenience and home security provided by an experienced, licensed, responsible, reliable and dedicated pet care and security professionals. You would actually end up paying more to get the same exact services pet care providers provide and you may end up duplicating services rendered in he process. 

In reality, pet sitting is an affordable solution that will assist in preventing excessive costly repairs or deterring your belongings from theft. As your pet care provider, I will be your eyes and ears at home to help prevent or handle emergency security problems that will end up costly if unattended.

Can I trust having a stranger in my home? Is it Safe?
As a licensed security professional, I strive to be honest, reliable, trustworthy and careful.  However, I know that having a stranger come into your home for the first time is nerve-racking, as it should be!  To put your mind at ease, I welcome you to ask questions at the initial consultation and I offer pet care in my home as an alternative. I would like to build a trusting long lasting relationship with you and your pets.  I follow a Code of Ethics that represents the highest standards of ethical behavior and humane attitudes towards animals. 

My pet suffers from separation anxiety.  
Is there anything I can do?
I enjoy working with pets that have separation issues.  In fact, I may be able to help. It is important for many reasons to teach your pets to be home alone as well as to be comfortable driving in the car.  Start teaching them when they are still young to spend time without you as well as taking trips to positive locations so the pet(s) understands that not every car trip will produce unpleasant results. The only way pets will acclimate is by PRACTICE. The old adage – Practice makes Perfect is true in this case. Just by taking random trips to happy places and practicing car rides and friendly boarding stays will help your pet get used to being in the car and prepare you for those emergency situations in which there is no choice much better and much safer.