Find answers to your questions about pet and home sitting services below:

Why are pet sitters a better choice than a kennel?

I Sit. I Stay. Pet & Home Sitting Service
  • Reduced stress on your dogs, cats or other pets.
  • No “travel trauma” to your dog and/or cat.
  • No worry of exposure to illnesses and parasites from other dogs and cats.
  • Dogs and Cats stay on their regular schedules.
  • Dogs are free to play, sleep, eat, or walk whenever they want.
  • Being left in a strange place can traumatize some dogs and cats.
  • Home is also being supervised.
  • No inconveniencing neighbors, friends, or family members.
  • No worrying if you remembered to close the garage door, turn off the coffee pot or turn off the lights.

Why choose "I Sit. I Stay." for your pet care needs?

I Sit. I Stay. Pet & Home Sitter
  • "I Sit. I Stay." provides peace of mind for everyone.  Read my reviews and testimonials.

  • "I Sit. I Stay." is experienced in the care, custody, and control of the dogs and cats in my care, I have training in pet first aid and CPR.

  • Home security and household management services are included for clients requiring private access to the property.
  • "I Sit. I Stay." will be there to notify you any possible problems with your home such as water leaks, weather-related damages, or any other situation of this nature that would end up being costly to you.
  • Discretion is used to make it invisible to others that you are away from your home.

What is so bad about Kennels anyway?

Cons of Kennels
  • Pets feel abandoned or miss their owners and the familiar sights, sounds and smells of their normal environment.
  • Your pet will spend most of their day in a crate.
  • The loud barking of nearby dogs may overwhelm your pet.
  • Older pets can have a hard time adapting as they are so used to a home.
  • Pets may get depressed and lose their appetites.
  • Your pet may be exposed to illnesses and parasites from other pets.
  • Staff may not always be on call 24-7 or be certified to provide care to animals.
  • You will have to pick up and drop off your pet when the kennel is open which may lengthen their time away from home.

Do you work alone? What if something happens to you? Who will care for my pet in your absence?

Yes. I work alone. However, I do have two dog walkers who will back me up if I break my leg or became deathly ill (it has never happened but I am prepared if it does).

Do you care for pets in your home?

I never ever bring a pet in my home. I have a waiver if someone wants (agrees) to letting their dog come on a hike in my car with my dogs. But it’s pick up and delivery.

Are you insured?

Yes, I’m bonded and insured.

Could you please tell me more about yourself?

I was born in the Mid-West and raised in South Detroit where my family still lives. I am the second oldest of 8 sisters. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a strong connection with animals. When I was 14, I took “Francis” as my confirmation name, (after the patron saint of animals). I grew up with several Siamese cats and we had a dog from a shelter named “Casey”.  As I grew older, I found inspiration in the passion and dedication of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey and their work with apes and chimpanzees. In 1994, I reached my dream and finally got a monkey of my own!

After spending 25 years as an Art Director in pharmaceutical advertising, I became disillusioned by the corporate world and the deadline-driven industry. I was inspired by my desire to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, so I started my own dog walking business in 2010. I have never felt so fortunate as I do now that I have returned to my true calling.

Over the years, I have experienced many different medical and behavioral situations with the pets in my care. I have found that my membership with Pet Sitters International has been an invaluable resource. It provides a community of people that share knowledge and keeps me up to date on the latest trends in the industry.  It has been very helpful as a resource in my continuing education both with pets and with the business of pet sitting.

I understand the busy lifestyle of working families and find it very fulfilling to be of service to busy families and to provide peace of mind when clients go on vacation.

I live with my partner, Nancy and our two dogs in Black Rock. We share a 14-year-old Labradoodle named Sage, and a rescue named Sully we got to help Sage as she has become blind due to a degenerative eye condition. I named Sully after Helen Keller’s teacher, Anne Sullivan....another hero of mine.

Aside from my deep love for animals, I also have a passion for hiking and travel. Most every vacation we take includes both our dogs and some rigorous hikes. I have a goal to summit all of the 47 4,000 footers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Lee Toth
Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & House Sitter

Why does pet care seem so expensive?

Many people are new to the pet care experience, and when they think of a pet care provider or care provider, they may automatically make comparisons to baby care providers, house care providers, the next door neighbor, and boarding facilities. There is an enormous difference between professional pet care providers than to others watching your home and pet(s). In fact, more than half of the clients I have spoken to have unfortunate stories of previous non-professional pet-sitting experiences as well as overcrowded prison-like environments at kennels and other facilities. If you have multiple pets, pet sitting often is more affordable than kenneling.

Plus, I offer extra home care and security services that is included automatically such as plant care, mail/newspaper retrieval, general property security, and more that you won’t receive if your pets are simply boarded, your home has just a house care provider or security company caring for your home.

In addition, 24-hour care at the care provider’s home is often more affordable than any other option as the pet care provider will not have to accommodate expenses for travel, time or commute in relation to caring for your pets.

Professional pet and home sitting is not an economy care option and I realize it may not be in everyone’s budget. However, it is a BARGAIN considering the peace of mind, convenience and home security provided by an experienced, licensed, responsible, reliable and dedicated pet care and security professionals. You would actually end up paying more to get the same exact services pet care providers provide and you may end up duplicating services rendered in the process.

In reality, pet sitting is an affordable solution that will assist in preventing excessive costly repairs or deterring your belongings from theft. As your pet care provider, I will be your eyes and ears at home to help prevent or handle emergency security problems that will end up costly if unattended.

Can I trust having a stranger in my home? Is it Safe?

As a licensed security professional, I strive to be honest, reliable, trustworthy and careful. However, I know that having a stranger come into your home for the first time is nerve-racking, as it should be! To put your mind at ease, I welcome you to ask questions at the initial consultation. I would like to build a trusting long lasting relationship with you and your pets. I follow a Code of Ethics that represents the highest standards of ethical behavior and humane attitudes towards animals.

My pet suffers from separation anxiety. Is there anything I can do?

I enjoy working with pets that have separation issues. In fact, I may be able to help. It is important for many reasons to teach your pets to be home alone as well as to be comfortable driving in the car. Start teaching them when they are still young to spend time without you as well as taking trips to positive locations so the pet(s) understands that not every car trip will produce unpleasant results. The only way pets will acclimate is by PRACTICE. The old adage – Practice makes Perfect is true in this case. Just by taking random trips to happy places and practicing car rides and friendly boarding stays will help your pet get used to being in the car and prepare you for those emergency situations in which there is no choice much better and much safer.