The Dangers of Retractable Leashes

At a first glance, a retractable dog leash looks like a great tool for dog owners willing to give their dogs a glimpse of freedom while still being able to have a certain amount of control.

While this may seem like a great idea crafted by an astute inventor with owners of dogs in mind, in reality, a retractable dog leash may hinder unbelievable dangers. There have been reports of dog owners getting quite serious injuries as far as having their fingers amputated.

Dogs have also suffered severe injuries due to sudden jerks on their necks, including lacerated tracheas (windpipes) and spinal injuries. Many people report being pulled completely off their feet, suffering bruises, abrasions, and worse as a result.

Injuries can also occur when the leash becomes wrapped around part of the dog or dog walker. Cuts and friction burns are frequently reported, but more serious outcomes are also possible.

Retractable leashes only provide the illusion of control. Many dogs have been hit by cars, involved in dogfights, etc. when on a retractable leash. I’m coming to believe that there is really only one occasion when using a retractable leash is appropriate: A handler has impeccable voice control over his or her dog and simply needs to comply with a leash law.

A good 6-foot leash with harness is the safest and easiest solution for both your dog and whoever is walking your dog.